Sunday, June 16, 2013

'Aphrodisiac' by Picture Polish

A few months ago, my boyfriend, Andy, informed me that his battalion was having their ball on the Army's birthday.  A couple days later, I found out that my entire brigade was throwing a ball a couple week's after Andy's battalion.  Now, while I think the brigade will put on a lovely function, I prefer a smaller, more intimate setting, so I decided to attend Andy's ball, instead of my own.  Plus, I would be allowed to wear a civilian ball gown to Andy's function, whereas my ball would just be one more occasion where I would have to appear in uniform.

It was an easy decision to make.

A shameless selfie.  It's rare that I get to look like a proper lady.
As soon as I found my dress (which I left 'til the last minute to do; typical), I knew what shade of nail polish I was going to wear with it, and that was 'Aphrodisiac' by Picture Polish.

I've sung Picture Polish's praises before, and just prepare yourself to hear me do it again.  'Aphrodisiac' did not disappoint.

Let's ignore the fact that my fingers look like they belong to a corpse in this photo (I don't always choose the lighting or angles), and focus on the color, shall we?

How: Knowing that I would have very limited time between work and the ball, I wisely chose to pre-paint some press-on nails during the week, so I wouldn't have to worry about painting and cleanup the night of the event.  It's always weird for me seeing fake nails on my hands, but I'm really glad I did that.  Two coats of Aphrodisiac and a top coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick resulted in the rich royal purple you see above.  As always, Picture Polish's brush made it easy to evenly coat the nail with color.

Verdict: If you dig purple, you must get Aphrodisiac.  So smooth, so rich, and it dries pretty quickly, as well (always a plus).  If you're using it for an event, like I was, I hope it's either outside or in a well-lit venue, because Aphrodisiac definitely wasn't allowed to shine the way it should've at the ball, so it just appeared black to most people.  When I stepped outside, though, the sunlight revealed its true beauty.  

I hope no one's getting tired of back-to-back Picture Polish reviews, because there are more coming this way soon!


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