Friday, June 7, 2013

'Denim' by Picture Polish

I got off work a little early this Friday, because the big boss wanted to give our battalion a little head start to the weekend after our 6-mile brigade run this morning.  Naturally, I drove straight home, so I could test out one of the colors I've been dying to don.  Okay, so I actually made a pit stop at Wendy's for a small vanilla frosty, but that's neither here nor there...

Back to the nail polish.  I follow Bernadette on Instagram (@bdettenails), which is where I got my introduction to a great company, Picture Polish.  Bernadette posted an amazing purple called 'Aphrodisiac.'  And thus started my love affair with these Australian nail polish geniuses.  I'm not exaggerating or trying to be cute when I call them geniuses, and if you've ever worn one of their amazing colors you know firsthand that I'm not kidding.

Perusing Picture Polish's online store threw me back to when I was a kid, and Toys 'R' Us was king.  It felt like I was rabidly running up and down the aisles, not a clue as where to start, and was completely overwhelmed by all the amazing shades I saw.  I clicked on all the pictures, read all the descriptions and reviews, and realized I needed to pace myself and make a short wishlist.  Not being from Australia, I first checked out one of their American online vendors, so I could save a little on shipping, but when the American shop didn't have everything I wanted, I knew I couldn't wait for them to restock and bought the last couple straight from Australia.

Yes, it was more expensive.  Ask me if I regret it.

No, is the answer.

Anyway, I drove home after my morning run and knew exactly which polish I needed to get on my fingers: 'Denim.'  Denim was one of my two "curiosity purchases."  I don't wear a lot of blue nail polish, but the description and color swatch hooked me, and I thought, This just might be the blue that makes me a believer. 

How: I applied three coats of Denim, because I have a tendency to struggle with opacity on the tips of my nails.  If you're better at applying nail polish, you'd probably be good with two coats.  Something I think is worth noting when it comes to nail polish reviews is the brush, and Picture Polish's brushes are... picture perfect (I had to).  The brush offers great coverage and makes it really easy --- even for someone with less-than-steady hands, like me --- to apply the color evenly.  As always, I slapped on a coat of my favorite top coat, Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.  I've tried several brands of top coat, but I prefer Insta-Dri, because of its great brush (I can usually get an entire nail evenly coated in one swipe), and its drying time really helps me seal in the color safely, so I can start using my hands without much worry.

Verdict: Denim has put me on the path to blue believer-dom.  I think the most important takeaway from this is that I think I prefer medium blues to paler or really dark blues.  Denim is enough to get noticed without making me feel like a total space cadet (sorry, there's still a lingering difficulty with taking blue seriously as a casual nail color), but it's not WHOA! TOO BLUE!  I wish the sun would come back out so I could accurately assess all the dimensions of this polish, but so far I can tell you that Denim has some silvery flecks that seem to lighten it up to what I would almost call periwinkle. 

And periwinkle is a fun word to say, so... added bonus there.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend you head over to Picture Polish and check out their inventory.  I can almost guarantee that you'll find a quality polish (or, five) that's right up your alley!


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