Wednesday, June 19, 2013

'Kryptonite' by Picture Polish

I know, I know... I named this blog Polished on the Weekend, so what am I doing blogging about nail polish on a Wednesday evening?  Rest assured, I am not wearing nail polish right now.  As you know, that would definitely not fly in my no-frills profession.  The reason I'm blogging about nail polish tonight is due to two reasons:

  1. I've been on a Picture Polish kick as of late and realized I had worn one of their shades prior to creating this blog, and it was such a fantastic color that I didn't want to risk forgetting to blog about it.
  2. I finally was presented with an excuse and opportunity to purchase some nail polish from a company I've been searching high and low for in stores around here, but without any luck.  I took advantage of an online sale last weekend and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of four new shades (new to me, anyway) which, according to the online USPS shipment tracking, should be here by Friday.  If that's the case, I'm going to want to try them as soon as possible and then blog all about it.  
In the chute? 'Kryptonite.'  In case you're unfamiliar with Superman, this particular shade is green.  

Unfortunately, I mistakenly deleted my full-handed Kryptonite photo today, so my thumb will have to do for now.

How: Two coats of Kryptonite, one coat of Insta-Dry Clearly Quick.  Again, great brushes in both bottles, makes my life easy.

Verdict: Had naming this shade been up to me, I'd have given it a name alluding to the Land of Oz.  The Emerald City.  Something along those lines, because as a May baby, Kryptonite is what I always wished affordable emeralds were.  A deep, dark green, Kryptonite explodes with color, thanks to the holographic glitter in the formula.  It's an effect you don't fully realize until you're out and about in the sunshine.  I noticed it while I was driving which, I must say, was almost distracting.

Before recently, I mostly played it safe with reds and pinks, but Picture Polish has produced a beautiful, not funky green that I know I'll wear again and again.  Seeing really is believing with Kryptonite, and it's definitely my favorite of the Picture Polish bash you see in the photo above. 


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