Saturday, June 22, 2013

'O'Hara' by Picture Polish

The nail polish haul I referred to in my last post didn't arrive as scheduled yesterday, so I'm back with another Picture Polish shade.  And this time, ladies and gentlemen(?), I am sadly not thrilled.

The shade in question is 'O'Hara,' a red (as you might've already guessed).

Just as I did with 'Kryptonite,' I accidentally deleted the picture off my camera roll on the iPhone, and sadly, if I email myself the picture straight from Instagram, it loads tiny and won't zoom clearly, so if you really want to see O'Hara up close, personally, and not blurry, click here.

How: Three coats of O'Hara and one coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.

Verdict: I had high hopes for O'Hara, because as I've mentioned in the past, reds and pinks are most flattering with my skin tone.  I have never felt outlandish, cheap, funky, or any other negative feeling when I've worn a red or a pink.  I wouldn't say I felt any of those things when I wore O'Hara, but I wouldn't say I felt the same level of confidence as I normally do.  It was somewhat difficult to achieve opacity with this one (for me, at least), and the glitters were a tad underwhelming.  I think, perhaps, it's because they aren't multi-colored; they appear to be a light pinkish, so it doesn't pop out of the red polish hardly at all.  I guess I just expected it to be the red version of Kryptonite, but I was wrong.

All hope is not lost, though!  I think either Picture Polish's shades 'Dorothy' or 'Vegas' might have multi-colored holo glitter, so that would be more satisfying to my eye.

Sorry for the pictureless post (a real faux pas for a nail polish blog), but if you took the time to click the link to the picture, what did you think?  Did O'Hara stack up against the other Picture Polishes so far?  Or does it fall a little short for you, as it did for me?


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