Monday, June 24, 2013

'Shocked' by Picture Polish

It's midnight sun season up here in Interior Alaska, and to kick things off, I decided to participate in the Midnight Sun Run 10k.  It was my first organized race, and I was so proud of myself for finally manning up and taking the plunge into the running world, so I treated myself to a new set of running gear.  I was saving my new orange Mizunos for the beginning of July (because I insist on replacing running shoes every six months, exactly), but when I picked up a fantastic orange Nike Dri-Fit tank and some black and orange Nike running shorts at Sports Authority, I knew my orange Mizunos needed to make their debut.

Sent this picture to my mom.  It was my proof!

With all that orange going on, I needed to offset it with a fun pink.  Cue 'Shocked' by Picture Polish.

How: Three coats of Picture Polish's Shocked and one coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.  As always, Picture Polish's brush and formula make applying an even coat a breeze.

Verdict: LOVED Shocked.  I put it just half a notch lower than 'Kryptonite' on the awesomeness scale.  For all its holographic flake-y goodness, it still doesn't pop the way Kryptonite does, but still --- it's a fantastic pink, more fuchsia than anything else, and it's super fun to look at in the sunlight.  My pictures never do these shades justice, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  I would never lie to you.

We fought mosquitoes and ate a lot of dust to 4-wheel up to this lookout rock.

I feel compelled to make a public service announcement.  See those smiling faces up there?  Those faces came at the cost of my shiny Shocked manicure.  What I discovered yesterday, as a group of us were preparing to take out some 4-wheelers and drive up a really cool trail to that lookout point, was that mosquito spray destroys your manicure.  We're talking full-on dull-age of the shine factor, replaced by icky gunk from the deet.  I hope you don't have as big of a mosquito problem as we do; they really are the party poopers of summertime.    

This concludes my Picture Polish series!  For now....


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