Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Orangefest 2013

Okay, I'm trying like crazy to get all my vacation swatches up.  One theme I noticed while I was back home visiting family was that the orange-lover in me shone through pretty predominantly.  I've been on a real orange kick as of late, so I thought I'd put up a sampling of my newest orange shades.

How: Two coats of Covergirl 'Orange Oasis' and one coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.

Verdict: I found that I had to keep twisting the brush back onto the bottle and giving it a good shake, because it seemed to get thick and clumpy on the brush after a nail-and-a-half.  However, I really dug the finish and could've done without the top coat, as the Glosstini line this summer is actually just as advertised: glossy.  Orange Oasis is a super fun and playful shade of orange, and I kinda wish I hadn't given it to my sister before I left California.  Sometimes it's good to share the wealth, though, right?  

Taken in sunlight, shows golden-orange.

Taken with flash, shows the reddish orange.

How: Two coats of Ozotic '730' with one coat of topcoat.  Went on super smoothly, although the metallic nature of the formula can show brush strokes.

Verdict: I SUPER dig this shade.  It's another one I just kept looking at, moving my hand around to see the different colors.  I'd like to try it over white or black the next time I wear it.

Taken in sunlight.

How: Two coats of Dance Legend 'Papaya' and one coat of Seche Vite topcoat (finally broke down and bought Seche Vite!).

Verdict: This nail polish is SO MUCH FUN.  I really wanted the darker orange version of this, called 'Pitaya,' but the vendor was out at the time, and I simply couldn't wait any longer to try this stuff.  The orange was super bright, like traffic cone bright, but I didn't feel like a walking Halloween display, so that was a plus.  An even better plus was the glitter: SO EASY to get good coverage.  No fishing required.  I wish all glitter polishes were this easy to apply.

One thing is for sure: I need... more... orange.

Monday, July 15, 2013

'Meet Me at Sunset' by Essie

I have a confession to make: I have now gone through 3 manicures I had intended to blog about WITHOUT TAKING ANY PICTURES.  Kinda makes it impossible to review something when you have no evidence that you ever wore it.  The really crummy part?  I let my sister have one of the colors from Cover Girl's summer Glosstini collection, so I'll never wear it again.  There goes my Glosstini collection post.  Oh, well.

I'm here to review Essie's 'Meet Me at Sunset,' because it's the shade that recaptured my affection for this brand.

Taken indoors with flash

How: Two coats of Essie's Meet Me at Sunset and one coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.  Application was surprisingly easy, considering I wasn't a fan of the brush in several of my older Essie polishes; I could be mistaken, but it seems as though Essie has improved their brush to allow for easier application.

Verdict: Considering what I want out of an orange shade, Meet Me at Sunset comes pretty darn close to meeting my purposes.  See, what I look for is a good, rich, orange-leaning red-orange, not too Halloween-y, with just a hint of burnt quality to it.  In the bottle, Meet Me at Sunset looks like it has that burnt-but-not-TOO-burnt quality.  On the nail, however, it doesn't quite cut the mustard.  BUT, I think it's a lovely shade, anyhow, and may shoot to the top of my orange favorites list.  

Can anyone confirm or deny my suspicion that Essie improved/changed their brush?  I was pretty much done with Essie after being really annoyed with what I perceived to be difficulty in applying their shades to my nails (I won't even get started on my disappointment in their summer neon collection), but I stood at Kohl's yesterday, staring at the Essie display, agonizing over whether I wanted to try Meet Me at Sunset or the redder 'Clambake' (I think I chose the better of the two), despite my past let-downs.  I pulled the trigger and am so glad I did.  I just might give Essie another chance.  I mean, they're readily available around town, I love the names of the different colors, and now with the brush in the bottle I bought yesterday, I really dig how the manicure turns out.

Anyway, I'm still on leave, which means I pretty much give myself a new manicure every night before I go to bed (not just on the weekend!), so I'm going to try and do a collection review of a few of L'Oreal's newer Iconic Muse shades and one from their Trend Setter Collection.  That's if I don't get distracted by some other nail polish along the way and abandon that mission.  I have very little self control...  

Sunday, July 7, 2013

'Kimmy' & 'Tanzy' by Zoya, 'Moonlit Dance' by Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength line

Whew!  What a weekend, I tell ya.  Between taking (and passing!) my Basic Rider Course and a failed attempt at finding some not-dried-up river to float down on the fourth, I managed to rock my remaining two Zoya colors from my first Zoya order a couple weeks ago.  I've also decided to compare the orange Zoya shade with an orange I bought from the Diamond Strength Sally Hansen line about a year ago, when this nail polish spending spree of mine was just starting out.

Let's start with the red, shall we?

Photo take in sunlight

How: Two coats of 'Kimmy' by Zoya with one coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.  Picture appears a little more orange-y than in real life; according to Zoya's website, it's a candy apple red, and I agree with that description.  I will say it appeared lighter in person than what my computer screen shows me on their site, but that's not a bad thing.  Color went on super easily and evenly.

Verdict:  I much prefer this red to Zoya's 'Nidhi' from last weekend.  The finish was smoother, no physical texture whatsoever, but had good depth with its metallic glittery-gold sheen.  A definite keeper, and I'm so glad I fought the urge to try on my orange shade first this weekend, because Kimmy was perfect for getting into the 4th of July holiday spirit!

Photo taken in sunlight

How: Three coats of 'Tanzy' by Zoya, one coat of Ista-Dri Clearly Quick, and a couple of drops per nail of Nicole by OPI's Dry Drops.  I probably could've called it good with two coats of Tanzy, but I love me some good vibrant orange, so I went with three.  Color went on easily and evenly.

Verdict: I really dug the formula on Tanzy, and it's another great shade to look at with tons of gold sparkle to add interest.  Unfortunately, depsite the fact that I finally motivated myself enough to use an actual camera to take this photo instead of my usual iPhone shot, I did a poor job of capturing the sparkle effect that makes this orange so awesome.  Oranges often walk a fine line of bordering on Halloween-y, but in my opinion, Tanzy can be worn whenever.  I wasn't self conscious wearing this at all this weekend, and in fact, it's almost a flashy version of Harley Davidson orange, which I thought was fitting when I went out to look at a used Harley as my first bike yesterday (I'll let you know how that story goes).

And now for our orange comparison...

Photo taken in overcast sunlight

How: Two coats of Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength 'Moonlit Dance' and one coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.  Polish went on easily and mostly evenly, although a little finagling was necessary, as it seemed a little thick at times.

Verdict: You may not be able to tell, because I used my iPhone for this photo (yes, I've learned my lesson: use your good camera when taking nail polish photos), but Moonlit Dance is pretty much identical to Tanzy.  The difference is in the formula.  Although Moonlit Dance offered impressive opacity in two coats (as opposed to Tanzy's three), I abhorred it's consistency and the texture of the finish.  It's not supposed to be a textured polish as far as I'm aware, but it seemed... almost gritty.  No me gusta.  Getting rid of this one, since I believe Tanzy to be a good enough dupe that I like much more.

As far as removal for all of above polishes, all are somewhat a pain to remove.  The Zoyas' sparkle is stubborn as a mule, but the Diamond Strength was extra gritty  and thick, which made my fingers sore after during what I have dubbed the Great Removal Effort of 2013.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another Zoya deal!

You guys.  I can't seem to control this polish-buying impulse, much less when I keep seeing deals pop up everywhere.  I'm sure you're way ahead of me already, but in case you're not, look below:

Check out the Zoya blog for details, although they're already listed in the promo image above.  Don't get overly excited like I did, and just pick your favorite Pixie Dust color, slap on that promo code, and expect it to work, because it won't.  You have to order the blue seen above, 'Liberty' (duh), for it to work properly and get your two extra shades for free.  Took me minute to figure that one out.  And then I panicked when the Zoya site wouldn't confirm my order and just kept sending me back to the billing info page.  It was like Groundhog's Day (the Bill Murray movie; tell me you've seen it); it just kept happening over and over and over... I remedied that by opening a different kind of browser, and all was right in the world.

Anyway, Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!  I'm currently donning Zoya's 'Kimmy,' which I'll review later this weekend, hopefully, along with another shade.  That's if I can find time to remove Kimmy and put on the other shade, as I have to be up early (EARLY!) Saturday to attend day 2 of my Basic Rider's Course (I'm learning to ride a motorcycle; it's going to be a very Americana-heavy weekend for me).  Wish me luck, and I'll see you all then!