Monday, July 15, 2013

'Meet Me at Sunset' by Essie

I have a confession to make: I have now gone through 3 manicures I had intended to blog about WITHOUT TAKING ANY PICTURES.  Kinda makes it impossible to review something when you have no evidence that you ever wore it.  The really crummy part?  I let my sister have one of the colors from Cover Girl's summer Glosstini collection, so I'll never wear it again.  There goes my Glosstini collection post.  Oh, well.

I'm here to review Essie's 'Meet Me at Sunset,' because it's the shade that recaptured my affection for this brand.

Taken indoors with flash

How: Two coats of Essie's Meet Me at Sunset and one coat of Insta-Dri Clearly Quick.  Application was surprisingly easy, considering I wasn't a fan of the brush in several of my older Essie polishes; I could be mistaken, but it seems as though Essie has improved their brush to allow for easier application.

Verdict: Considering what I want out of an orange shade, Meet Me at Sunset comes pretty darn close to meeting my purposes.  See, what I look for is a good, rich, orange-leaning red-orange, not too Halloween-y, with just a hint of burnt quality to it.  In the bottle, Meet Me at Sunset looks like it has that burnt-but-not-TOO-burnt quality.  On the nail, however, it doesn't quite cut the mustard.  BUT, I think it's a lovely shade, anyhow, and may shoot to the top of my orange favorites list.  

Can anyone confirm or deny my suspicion that Essie improved/changed their brush?  I was pretty much done with Essie after being really annoyed with what I perceived to be difficulty in applying their shades to my nails (I won't even get started on my disappointment in their summer neon collection), but I stood at Kohl's yesterday, staring at the Essie display, agonizing over whether I wanted to try Meet Me at Sunset or the redder 'Clambake' (I think I chose the better of the two), despite my past let-downs.  I pulled the trigger and am so glad I did.  I just might give Essie another chance.  I mean, they're readily available around town, I love the names of the different colors, and now with the brush in the bottle I bought yesterday, I really dig how the manicure turns out.

Anyway, I'm still on leave, which means I pretty much give myself a new manicure every night before I go to bed (not just on the weekend!), so I'm going to try and do a collection review of a few of L'Oreal's newer Iconic Muse shades and one from their Trend Setter Collection.  That's if I don't get distracted by some other nail polish along the way and abandon that mission.  I have very little self control...  


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