Friday, August 16, 2013

Essie Neons

Brace yourselves: this is about to get messy.  I know the drill, because it doesn't take long after reading a few nail polish blogs to learn that the best way to wrangle neons is to lay down a white basecoat.  So I did.  And it did. not. help.  I only partially blame myself.  All is not lost, though: one neon was actually halfway decent.  I'll give you the good first.

In sunlight.

How: One coat of China Glaze 'White on White,' two coats of Essie 'Saturday Disco Fever,' and one coat of clear topcoat.  

Verdict: Saturday Disco Fever was surprisingly easy to apply for a neon.  This wasn't my first rodeo with neons, but I haven't ridden many, because neon has burned me before.  Alas, the boyfriend gave me three of Essie's neon hues for my birthday back in May, and with the Alaskan summer quickly fleeting, I thought it was high time I gave them a go.  Anyway, the above photo makes it look somewhat sherbet-y, but I assure you, it was as neon as they come (my photography skills are admittedly lacking).  I paired it with an equally neon orange running tank to my last outing at this year's local fair, and it just seemed right.  This was the good.

   In sunlight.

How: Two coats of Essie 'Blanc,' 2-3 coats (depending on the nail) of Essie 'Bottle Service,' and one coat of clear topcoat.

Verdict: Not the worst, but definitely could've been better.  Not as easy to apply as the orange above, and what a bummer.  But, still, not the most heinous neon I've ever tried my hand at.  This was the somewhat bad.

In sunlight.

How: Two coats of China Glaze White on White, one coat of Essie 'Shake Your $$ Maker,' and one coat of clear topcoat.

Verdict: This. was. a. NIGHTMARE.  The pictures don't accurately portray the terrible coverage, the splotchiness, the insert-words-of-disappointment-and-frustration-here.  The more I look at this picture, the more I wonder why I kept attempting to take a better picture of this mess.  Again, it could be my terrible painting skills, but my word.  This was most definitely the ugly.

In sunlight.

Bonus: Bottle Service was salvageable.  With the help of Different Dimension's 'Comfortably Numb,' I was able to cover up some of the blemishes in this manicure.  My pictures definitely don't do this glitter topper justice.  You can just barely make out the goldenrod microshimmer in this polish, and you certainly can't see the effect of the hot pink hexes and squares against the neon pink background, but I dug this nonetheless.  Comfortably Numb definitely pops much more against a black basecoat, but I'm sure you've already seen swatches like that.  I'm much later on the scene than most (okay, all) other nail polish bloggers, I know this.

Now, a question for anyone out there who may stumble across this blog: I must find a way to whittle down my nail polish collection and put some of it in storage.  My fall season is probably approaching a little faster than yours (just a reality of the Arctic), so I'm taking it as an opportunity to de-clutter the area where I stash my collection.  Tell me: if you were me, what types of shades would you keep out to take you into the fall season, and which shades (like neons) would you package up and put away for awhile?


  1. ouuu i love these colours for summer!! they're all so pretty! i know exactly what you mean when you say you have too much nail polish haha i have the same problem! for fall, i love to paint my nails deep shades of red, purple, and blue, as well as gold! those are my favourites :)