Sunday, August 4, 2013

Orangefest 2013: Part Deux

It was fair weekend up here, so I only had enough time for two manicures (which, heck, is typical anyway for a two-day weekend).

First up for me this weekend was my first half marathon.  Which I didn't train for and didn't even plan on running until pretty much the morning of, when I decided I didn't want to not go since my boyfriend and a friend of ours were going.  I'm the youngest child, so I have a thing about not wanting to be left out...

Feeling super accomplished after the race. 

The first manicure is what I chose to wear for my first half marathon.

Crappy cell phone picture, taken with sunlight coming through the window behind me.
How: Two very easily applied thick-ish coats of OPI 'Schnapps Out of It!' and a topcoat.

Verdict: Schnapps Out of It! was a bit of a confusing shade for me.  I thought of it as a burnt orange, very brown-leaning, but the boyfriend and our friends all thought it was brick red.  What do they know?  I'm sticking with burnt orange.  The formula was great.  It really went on the nail quite well with great opacity.  I'm pretty sure I only needed the second coat, because I have a tendency to apply polish more thickly near my cuticles than my tips.

Taken in sunlight with flash.

How: Two coats of OPI 'Deutsch You Want Me Baby?' and topcoat to protect.

Verdict: I love this orange.  Built up super easily on the nail.  My photo doesn't really do its depth justice.  As mentioned above, I only used the topcoat to protect the mani and speed up the drying process a little.  Deutsch You Want Me Baby? had plenty of shine on its own, and truth me told, I'm really procrastinating removing this shade tonight (which I must do so I can go to work tomorrow), because I'm really enjoying the beautiful, subtle shimmer.

I have a few more recently purchased oranges in my arsenal, which I hope to get put up next weekend.  I hope everyone has a good new week!  Back to the grind....


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